Frequently Asked Questions

What is Get Carried Away ?

We’re committed to diversity and intersectionality at Get Carried Away, so increasing the number of female, LGBTQ & POC performers onstage is a core part of our mission.

We're the organizers of the Get Carried Away Festival & other associated events in the NYC area.

Is there a minimum age to get into When Worlds Collide ?

Yes, you must be 21+ & have a valid ID in order to attend.

Does the  festival have a dress code?

No, dress however you feel comfortable. 

When should I arrive to get into When Worlds Collide?

Doors open at 8pm. 

How long will the event be going on for? Will there be re-entry?

The event will end at 2am. Yes, there will be re-entry.

Where is When Worlds Collide being hosted? How do I get there? Will there be parking?

Enter at 7 Marcus Garvey Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY. You can take the J or M train to Flushing Ave. There is also ample street parking.

Are credit cards accepted by the vendors at When Worlds Collide?

It will depend on each vendor.

Hehe this event falls on 4.20, will smoking be permitted at When Worlds Collide?

While we cannot prevent you from partaking in certain activities prior to the event, no smoking will be allowed inside the premises.

Is When Worlds Collide Rain or Shine ?

Yes, the event is entirely inside, so weather should not be an issue.

How many bars will be available at this event? What kind of drinks will you serve at the bar?

There will be one bar. We'll be serving beer, wine, and cider.

Will there be food vendors at the event ? What type of food can I expect?

There will be food for sale at the event. More details coming soon.

Besides food and drinks, what other types of vendors can I expect at When Worlds Collide ?

We will also have visual artists of a few varieties demonstrating their art & selling their work during the event.

Is this venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the space is accessible by wheelchair.

Can I become a volunteer?

Yes, we'd love to hear from you. Please send an email to if you're interested.

Will there be a Medical/First Aid station in case of an emergency?

Yes, there will be.

Can we bring cameras into When Worlds Collide?

Yes, you are welcome to take photos and videos as you please.

What am I allowed/not allowed to bring?

No explosives or weapons, no drugs of any kind inside the premises, no outside food, drink, or alcohol.

What can I do about my special dietary/medical needs?  Will my medication and other necessities be allowed in?

Yes, please message us beforehand if you have special concerns.

Will there be ATMs available onsite?

No, but there will be some nearby- re-entry is permitted as well.

If I’m interested in becoming vendor for  When Worlds Collide, what is the process to get that done?

We'd love to hear from you- please email if you're interested.

Ticket Questions

How much are tickets?

Tickets will cost between $20-25 depending on the date you buy. Prices increase March 8th.

Are tickets refundable?

No, tickets are non-refundable.

How do I receive my tickets?

Please visit the "Tickets" page on this site to buy tickets through EventBrite.

When do I need to purchase my tickets by?

Prices increase on March 8th, but they will also be available at the door.